Check These Interesting Discounts of Waterboom Ternate

Friday, 30 July 2021 - 04:33
Check These Interesting Discounts of Waterboom Ternate Waterboom Ternate. (Photo:

TIMES SINGAPORE, TERNATEWaterboom Ternate, North Maluku offers a nice interesting discount for their visitors. This discount applied only for those visitors who have been vaccinated.

Waterboom Ternate will give each and every of their visitors 30% discount for the ticket. All you need to do is just showing your vaccination certificate to prove that you have been fully vaccinated.

"This is one of our way to support the vaccination program run by the government and to make the local community willing to go for vaccine," the General Manager of Waterbbom Ternate, Deddy Hermawan  said on Wednesday (28/7/2021).

Deddy also said that in a normal day especially on weekdays the ticket will cost you IDR 40 K, meanwhile it will cost IDR 50 K on the weekend. With showing the certificate you could get 30% off.

Each certificate could be applied for two people at a time. You if a family consist of husband and wife and two of their kids, their kids could also take some benefit from their parents certificate.

The discount not only stop on the ticket price, it could also be applied for the food and beverage purchase you did on their cafeteria. Each time you grab some food from their cafeteria you will be eligible to get 15% discount off for every purchase you made. 

Still according o the manager of Waterboom Ternate, this discount will be valid till November 2021. Deddy also said that this will be a perfect time to go to this waterpark and try their newest attraction. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti

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