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Check this Signature Dishes of Angkringan Mas Ratno

Monday, 19 July 2021 - 04:35
Check this Signature Dishes of Angkringan Mas Ratno Angkringan Mas Ratno, a humble foodcart with dozens of humble taste of food. (PHOTO: Fajar Rianto/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES SINGAPORE, YOGYAKARTAAngkringan is a common foodcart you could find in almost every corner of Yogyakarta.  This foodcart carries lots of foods, from stapple food to some companion dish. Just like angkringan Mas Ratno, at  Bugisan, Yogyakarta.

As its name angkringan mas Ratno is owned by Ratno himself. His angkringam has become a favorite place to grab some food ny the local community, some students, or even local employees.

The angkringan carries lots of kind of dish from nasi kucing to several side dishes such as chicken feet, innards, sweetened tofu and tempeh, quail egg and more. He also has some typical angkringan beverage such as kopi Jo's and more.


"I could spend around 2 kg of rock sugar, and 3 kg sugar on weekdays, as of for weekend I could spend around 4 lg rock sugar and 5 kg sugar just to make the beverage," Ratno said on Monday (12/7/2021).

To reach this level, Ratno had to face several obstacles.  He have to move from one place to another. He even had to deal with mean landlord which took an advantage on his business.

But now, Ratno has had his own place. To keep his customers happy and satisfied, he maintain the recipe to cook all of the dishes for his angkringan. The food cart has never been quite from customers with this method. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti

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