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Gado-Gado Pacitan, Vegetable Salad sent from Heaven

Sunday, 18 July 2021 - 06:32
Gado-Gado Pacitan, Vegetable Salad sent from Heaven The tempting look of Gado-Gado Pacitan. (Photo: Yusuf for TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES SINGAPORE, PACITANGado-Gado or Indonesian vegetable salad with peanut sauce has been known as the local delicacy with ultimate taste. Seems no one will ever say no to it.  A local food shop of Pacitan creates their new recipe Gado-Gado.

As any other Gado-Gado, the dish was created from tge local vegetables such as fried Tofu and tempeh, carrot, lettuce, and some other veggies. It then showered with peanut sauce that elevate the taste of the veggies. 

Gado-Gadoabe9e995546cbe60.jpgDwi Oviana made the peanut sauce herself. (Photo: Yusuf for TIMES Indonesia)

Dwi Oviana, the owner of Gado-Gado shop said that he created her own recipe for the gado-gado. When Jakarta Gado-Gado where the dish originally came from will taste sweet and savory, Dwi makes her gafo-godo spicier to match the local taste.

Dwi will make her sauce from ground fried peanut, garlic, bird eye chili, salt, and palm sugar. She will grind all the ingredients for the sauce in in mortar with her own hand. "I made it my self, with this mortar," she said on Friday (2/7/2021).

The sauce then poured on top of the vegetables. Commonly people will just mix it up all together just like when you make you salad. "They love the taste, the spiciness makes it more special,"  she added.

On top of the Gado-Gado, Dwi added some crackers to make the dine merrier. You could find her shop at Jl. Punung-Gondosari, Pacitan, East Java. You could enjoy it for IDR 7 K/set. The shop opens daily from 08.00-16.00 local western times. (*)

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